Getting a house ready for sale can take a lot of work (if you want to get the best price), but there are many quick and easy things that can be done to improve the chances of a sale. Improvements don’t need to cost the earth, sometimes a little effort and focus is all that’s required. Regardless of whether improvements cost money or not, it is usually well worthwhile giving your home a thorough look-over to find what needs doing (and what is worth doing).

Here are 20 quick, low-cost home improvements that could help with a property sale:

1. Mow the front lawn and tidy the edges around the flower beds and pathways.

2. Water the grass if it is dry and fertilize it if required.

3. Check to see if the mailbox needs repainting or repairing.

4. Trim any overhanging trees and shape others to add symmetry.

5. Clear around the base of shrubs and trees to let light into shady corners and give the impression of space.

6. Add some potted color (flowers) to the flowerbeds.

7. Remove any untidy materials that could be lying around.

8. Remove, or hide, hose reels and unsightly garbage cans.

9. Sweep all the footpaths, especially the one leading to the front door.

10. Trim small plants to clearly define the edges of footpaths.

11. Sweep the driveway and remove any oil stains.

12. Inspect the fencing to see if any repairs, or painting, is necessary.

13. Add a couple of designer pots with attractive plants on each side of the entrance way to the front door.

14. Replace the front door mat if it is tatty. A welcome mat always looks inviting.

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