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Big Brother 17: Week 2 BB Takeover Host Revealed

Big Brother 17’s big twist this season has been named “BB Takeover” and it involves a special guest taking over the house every week and introducing a new twist into the game! Thanks to tonight’s episode, we now know who the next host will be!

Julie Chen has BB Takeover Spoilers - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has BB Takeover Spoilers – Source: CBS

The next host has “taken over” Big Brother in the past in a sense, though if she will do it in the same style, we don’t know. Last season she came in with Zingbot, though a week long twist that involves Zingbot is unlikely, though not impossible because Zingbot has been making some appearances in the media this week.

Kathy Griffin will be the host of the second BB Takeover twist of Big Brother 17! What the twist is, we don’t know. What we do know is that she hosted Zingbot last season and CBS has been teasing Zingbot in the media all week, so there is a chance we’ll be seeing him a lot sooner this season than we have in past seasons.

Check out the CBS Zingbot post here. Check out the Entertainment Weekly Zingbot post here.

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