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Big Brother 17 Finale: Winner and America’s Favorite Revealed!

We’ve finally made it to the finale of Big Brother 17, and that means a winner will be crowned and one of the final three houseguests will be half a million dollars richer. We’ll also get to see who won America’s Favorite Player for an additional $25,000.

Big Brother 17 Final Three - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Final Three – Source: CBS

During tonight’s show we’ll see the recording of the first two parts of the HOH, the jury round table discussion, then finally we’ll get to see the last HOH played out live. Afterwards, it’ll also be revealed who won America’s Favorite Player! Though things are a bit different from last year, as who goes to the final two completely depends on who wins the third part of the final HOH!

Both Vanessa has promised both Liz and Steve that she’ll take them if she wins the final HOH, while Steve has only promised Vanessa, but that’s only because he plans to blindside her if he wins the final HOH because Steve believes that there is no way that he could beat Vanessa, so the winner this season really is coming down to the wire.

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The Winner of Big Brother 16 is…

The winner of Big Brother 16 was crowned tonight! It was between Cody, Derrick, and Victoria as it depended on who won the final HOH to see who they’d take to the end with them.

The Final 3 await the start of the Big Brother 16 finale - Source: CBS

The Final 3 await the start of the Big Brother 16 finale – Source: CBS

Cody managed to win the final HOH which gave him the choice on who to take to the end with him. He could guarantee himself $500,000 by taking Victoria, or he could take Derrick, who he has already realized wouldn’t win against. However despite his realization, he still chose to take Derrick.

After Frankie told Cody that the jury looked at him like just another one of Derrick’s puppets, it was all down hill from there with Cody as his speech revolved around disproving that but his efforts were counterproductive as he said his best move in the game was giving Derrick information.

After the jury’s questions, it was time for the houseguests to cast their vote on who they think should win Big Brother 16!

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