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Big Brother 19: New Temptation Tree Twist

Julie revealed on Thursday that there will be at least one more temptation twist of the summer and we finally got an idea as to what it is when the feeds finally returned tonight.

We still don’t know exactly how the new temptation twist works, but we do know what the rewards and punishments of the tree are, including what at least a couple of the houseguests ended up getting, as it seems as though the rewards and punishments from this latest temptation have already been given out. You can find a list of the rewards and punishments on the temptation tree below.

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Big Brother Over The Top: Sister Twist Revealed

The reveal of the new houseguests earlier this morning also revealed one of the twists of the new season, not a twist that has never been done before, but a twist nonetheless.


Alex and Morgan Willett, are two sisters from Texas. Alex, he one with the baseball cap, is the oldest at 25. Morgan is 22. They’re the third set of sisters to be on Big Brother, with the first being on Big Brother 5 and the second being on Big Brother 17. However, unlike those first two, they’re not twins.

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Big Brother 18: Who Had The Round Trip Ticket?

Today was the last day for the round trip tickets to be valid, so if tonight’s evictee didn’t have it, everyone else’s tickets would all expire.


Since the twist was first revealed, Frank, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette all opened their tickets just to find out that it was a one way ticket and they would not be returning to the house. It was revealed tonight after Paulie was evicted that he didn’t have the round trip ticket either, meaning that nobody will be utilizing this twist.

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Big Brother 18: America’s Care Package Explained

A new twist was introduced during the live show this week and we’re here to help break it all down for you and tell you about the upcoming care packages that America will get to vote on in the coming weeks.

Vote for America's Care Package - Source: CBS

Vote for America’s Care Package – Source: CBS

America will be able to vote to send care package to whichever houseguest gets the most votes. However, when a houseguest wins one package, they cannot win any of the future care packages, so viewers will have to decide if they want their favorite houseguest to win something useless or if they don’t want to vote for them to get anything until the care package comes with better perks.

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Big Brother 18: Secret Room And Secret Power Found

Julie teased us last week about a secret room with a secret power is to be found in the house and that secret room and power have finally been found. After the houseguests were given hints to start looking around the house, someone managed to solve the riddle.

Big Brother gives the houseguests a hint - Source: CBS

Big Brother gives the houseguests a hint – Source: CBS

After searching the house for about an hour with everyone else, Paul managed to figure out that secret number that he needed to type into the house. After entering ‘211’, a voice congratulated Paul, telling him to remain calm and wait until the coast was clear before he crawled into a tunnel that was hiding behind the phone booth. Instead of waiting until the coast was clear, Paul decided to just go inside while a lot of people were watching him.

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