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Big Brother 19: New Temptation Tree Twist

Julie revealed on Thursday that there will be at least one more temptation twist of the summer and we finally got an idea as to what it is when the feeds finally returned tonight.

We still don’t know exactly how the new temptation twist works, but we do know what the rewards and punishments of the tree are, including what at least a couple of the houseguests ended up getting, as it seems as though the rewards and punishments from this latest temptation have already been given out. You can find a list of the rewards and punishments on the temptation tree below.

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Big Brother 19: Will Jessica Use The Halting Hex?

While going into the week it might have seemed like an obvious decision, but after several fights between Cody and Jessica, the possibility of her not using the Halting Hex was actually possible.

Once Paul nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction, it seemed like a sure thing the Halting Hex would have to be used this week. However, following the nominations, Jessica and Cody got into a huge fight that left her questioning whether she should use it to save Cody or make a deal with Paul to guarantee her safety for two weeks and for Alex to be the next targeted.

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Big Brother 19 “Temptation” Twist Revealed!

We only just met the new houseguests for Big Brother 19 just days ago, but that doesn’t mean that the news is going to stop streaming in! The first twist of the new season was teased by Julie yesterday and finally revealed today!

Big Brother 19 is going to be the season of temptation and an elaborate new twist is going to have the ability to shake up the game each week. The twist even includes a new room that AMERICA will vote to send one houseguest into, in which that houseguest will be enticed with something that could be potentially game changing!

You can read the full release for yourself here:

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