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Big Brother 19: Final Temptation Competition Results

We’ve made it to the third and final temptation competition. After this week, it’ll be the first week of a twist-free Big Brother we’ve had this summer.

Everyone but Christmas chose to play in today’s competition. The reasoning for Christmas sitting out was that Alex didn’t want Christmas to be the third nominee, then just be dead weight during the veto competition when what they need is to stack the deck against Cody with competitors. Instead of just competing normally, Paul made it clear that one of them had to throw it today to ensure that Cody can’t become the third nominee.

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Big Brother 19: Second Temptation Competition Results

This week’s temptation competition will be the first to actually matter, as it could end up determining the fate of this week’s nominees, depending on who wins safety.

Since Jessica and Cody are the two clear targets in the house, the only chance they have of making it out of this week together is for one of them to win this competition while the other goes on to win the veto. Paul made sure that everyone except for Josh and Christmas competed in today’s competition to stack the deck as much as possible against their two targets for the week.

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Big Brother 19: First Temptation Competition Results

The Temptation Competition was just announced yesterday, but the first of three total competitions was already announced to the houseguests and played this morning.

The Temptation Competition is an optional competition that gives the houseguests that choose to compete the chance to win safety for the week, but they risk being put up as the third nominee if they’re the one who comes in last place. This competition gave Jessica and Cody the opportunity to possibly not have to use her temptation, but since Jessica doesn’t believe that Paul will put either her of Cody up, she talked Cody out of competing for safety.

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Big Brother 19: Temptation Competition Explained

It’s been a pretty crazy summer of twists so far, but latest one that was revealed last night could possibly end up being one of the most consequential of the summer.

Since Jessica took the Halting Hex after being tempted with it, a consequence was going to be unleashed on the house. The consequence could actually end up saving several houseguests over the next few weeks, but it also has the ability to doom others.

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