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Big Brother 16: Team America To Get $50,000 Bonus?

After Caleb nominated Frankie, Team America was riding on a single POV that Derrick, the other Team America member, didn’t want Frankie to win. Derrick might have changed his mind based on the information he just gave Frankie.


Team America hugs each other – Source: CBS

Flashback to 1:30PM BBT for the start of the conversation. Derrick and Frankie hugged while Derrick said “It’s unbelievable.” Frankie kept repeating “They love us”. Frankie added “This is more so than ever affirmation that they’ve seen how hard we worked.” implying that America voted on this added money. Derrick agreed and said “They chose that. Either way it’s a win. It’s more pressure. We just have to get there together. We can do it. If we get there together, we guarantee that one of us win $550 thousand.”

The conversation continued on by both saying they cannot control who’s going to get that extra $50,000 bonus if they get there together because it’ll be in the jury’s hands. Frankie said “They love us and they love us together.” Derrick asked if he was talking about America and Frankie said “Yes! It’s the biggest thing that ever happened in the history of Big Brother!” This is the key moment in the conversation; Derrick tells Frankie “This is an addition to the money we’ve already won. So we’re probably going to be around $575k.” That is from the added $25,000 that they think they’ve already won in Team America missions. Derrick told Frankie that their mission to get to the end starts tonight and one of them have to win the veto.

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Big Brother 16: Team America completes their 8th mission

Team America’s task this week was to convince the houseguests that they saw a rodent in the house and keep everyone up until 6am trying to find it. Sadly, Team America decided to wait until nearly 3:30am to have their rodent sighting so it’d be easier to keep everyone up.


Frankie and Derrick spot a “rat” – Source: CBS

Flashback to 3:22 for Frankie initiating the task. Frankie was looking in the garbage when he started screaming that he saw a rat. Derrick runs away with him saying he saw it as well. Victoria also took off screaming and running.

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