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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Targets

Paul’s majority alliance has ran the house for virtually the entire summer, but now that they’re getting the last person not included in their alliance out this week, they’ll finally have to start turning on each other, making for an interesting few weeks.

Paul has placed himself in the center of each of the factions inside the majority alliance, which was bound to happen when you have an alliance that consists of eight of the nine people left in the house. You have Matt and Raven, Alex and Jason, then Christmas and Josh who are all teamed up separately within the main alliance. Each of those three duos genuinely believe that Paul is 100% with them, when in reality he’s only with one.

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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Double Eviction Targets

Tonight is the first double eviction of the summer, which will get the houseguests the first opportunity to really shake up the game all in one night if they chose to.

Once the regularly scheduled eviction is over, the houseguests will be hurried out into the backyard where they’ll compete for Head of Household. Once HOH has been won, the new person in charge will have just a few minutes to decide who they’ll nominate. Once nominations are made, the houseguests will be hurried out into the backyard again to compete for the Power of Veto. They’ll get a few minutes to decide on what should be done with the veto before the veto ceremony, followed soon by the second live eviction.

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Big Brother 19: Houseguests’ Week 6 Targets

Even though the houseguests will find out it was all for nothing before tonight’s vote, it’s been the most drama-filled week of the summer so far, making this coming week’s HOH and targets that much more important.

Jessica and Cody are on the block going into tonight’s eviction, which means that Jessica will be using her Halting Hex temptation that America gave to her to halt the eviction, saving her and Cody for the week as they move on to start week six. While they might have saved themselves this week, they’re going to be in trouble if neither of them are able to win HOH.

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Big Brother 18: Week 9 Targets

We’ll be finishing up a pretty crazy week later tonight during the live eviction episode, which means that we’ll be heading into a new week with new people in power. We’re here to break down who each person plans to go after if they win.


As it stands, Corey and Paulie are nominated, but with Paulie being the obvious choice for who everyone plans to vote out tonight. Paulie’s only hope is to have the round trip ticket, and if he does have the round trip ticket, he already knows who he’ll target if he were to return. However, this week’s America’s Care Package could throw a wrench in any of these plans depending on who the recipient is.

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