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Big Brother 19: Shuffleboard Practice Competition [PICS]

The houseguests were surprised with the second practice competition that they have gotten in three weeks, but this time we don’t know exactly what competition it is for.

Since there is a double eviction coming up, this could be for the first HOH competition, the veto competition, or the second HOH competition that’ll be played later in the night after the live show. It seems like most fans on social media are hoping that it’s either the veto competition or the second HOH competition, as they don’t want such a consequential HOH being a crapshoot.


Big Brother 19: Mini Golf Practice Round for HOH Competition

Each year the houseguests typically get a simplified version of the HOH competition they’ll be playing in the following day. Today, the houseguests got an oversized putter and a large putt putt course.

The houseguests were instructed to practice straight shots and bank shots  off the obstacles while trying to make the ball into the makeshift hole. Each of the houseguests were given just ten shots each. Despite Paul’s being ineligible for tomorrow’s competition since he just won last week’s he still took his 10 practice shots too.

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