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Big Brother 19: Week 11 POV Ceremony Results

There is less than 10 days left of the summer, which means that today’s veto ceremony was the last regularly scheduled veto meeting of Big Brother 19!

Josh nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction this week with the intention of sending Alex to jury. However, when Paul managed to win the veto, she figured that she was safe for the week and all but secured her spot in the final three since Paul was the last person she trusted, but she soon found out that it was all a lie and that he wasn’t as close to her as she had thought.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Double Eviction Results

It’s been a very slow week in the Big Brother house, with virtually no serious fights for the first time this summer, but that’s going to be changing tonight with the live double eviction!

Not only will two houseguests be getting evicted tonight, but Alex and Jason are going to be in for a shock when they find out that they’ve been getting lied to this entire week, which adds a lot more suspense to tonight’s double eviction. We could be in for a shakeup tonight depending on who wins and who that person would nominate.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 POV Ceremony Results

Today’s veto ceremony will give us our final nominees for the week, though the actual target will still be in the dark as to who is actually going home.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction this week under the guise of Kevin being the actual target. Christmas had originally wanted Raven to win the veto to keep the nominations the same, but that plan changed once Paul ended up winning. Instead of making it clear that one of that duo is going home, they’ve instead opted to blindside them at eviction.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 POV Ceremony Results

It’s been a while since we’ve had a veto ceremony where it wasn’t obvious to everyone in the house what was going to happen, but that finally changed today.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven this week under the promise that Kevin was the target and that they veto would be used on Kevin. Raven made it clear throughout the week to several different people that if the veto wasn’t used on her, she was going to flip a lid. To add to this, everyone in the house, including people in on the actual plan, reassured her all week that nothing was amiss and that the plan hadn’t changed, but it had.

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Big Brother 19: Week 8 POV Ceremony Results

Today’s veto meeting will be the final nail in coffin of everyone’s target this week, meaning that there is virtually nothing that can be done to change the outcome of Thursday’s eviction.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt this week with the intention of getting neither out. The actual plan was to backdoor the one person remaining in the house that isn’t included in Paul’s majority alliance, which is now makes up the entire house, minus one. Any chance of the plan being switched up mid-week was thrown out the window after Jason won the Power of Veto.

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