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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Nomination Plans

We’re down to just the final five now, which means that the moves that the times of using pawns are a thing of the past and targets will start being put up outright.

Josh ended up winning Head of Household last night, as both Christmas and Josh agreed to throw it to him and Kevin thought he was throwing the HOH to have Christmas take it again. Despite just voting out her ride or die, Alex is convinced that the target this week is Kevin because of Josh and Paul’s fight. Paul told Alex that him and Josh are on speaking terms this week because they have a common target in Kevin.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Nomination Plans

Today’s nominations have the potential to really stir up the house, as we’re currently looking at what is going to be a major blindside!

Christmas managed to win a sprinting competition, despite having a broken foot, which means that Paul’s group has power once again this week. However, what’s different this time is that all the known duos have been split up, leaving on Alex and Jason left.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Nomination Plans

It’s the first week in a long time that we’re going into the nomination ceremony where the majority alliance is nominating their own with the actual intention of sending one home instead of just using them as a pawn.

Jason won the Head of Household this week, which put a pin in Paul’s original plan to send Alex home this week. Instead, Christmas, Josh, and Paul’s secondary target is who they’re going to attempt to make sure goes home this week. We could even be in for a blindside come Thursday, as the two nominees will think that they’re pawns.

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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Nomination Plans

While this week may seem fairly clear cut, the odds are something going wrong with the actual plan are high with only one person being the main target instead of the usual two.

Alex won Head of Household, making the obvious target Cody. It just came down to choosing how to go about targeting him, and instead of putting him up right and securing a spot in the veto competition, Alex decided that she wants to use two pawns and have someone throw the temptation competition to take away that third nominee spot from Cody.

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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Nomination Plans

Another two houseguests will be nominated for eviction today, though who it is likely isn’t going to be a surprise to anyone, though things could be shaken up before the nomination ceremony.

With Josh’s surprise win in last night’s HOH competition it was very clear that Cody and Jessica were going to be the two targets for Josh, as he’s very close with Paul and Josh was nominated and targeted by Jessica and Cody only a few weeks ago.

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