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Big Brother 18: Zingbot POV Competition Rewards and Punishments

Yesterday’s POV competition was the beloved and much-anticipated Zingbot one. This year Zingbot brought more than just zings, he also brought along some rewards and punishments!


All six houseguests that played in the veto competition were given either a reward or a punishment. There were three rewards given out and three punishments, with two of the three punishments involving a costume. While one of the rewards does count as the veto itself, the other two were actually worth going for.

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Big Brother 16: Week 12 Luxury Competition Results!

After the Jurors invaded the house, it was time for the luxury competition. There has been speculation all season as to what the prizes would be, including a new truck, shopping spree, and various other high ticket items.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.27.41 PM

Big Brother 16 Luxury Competition – Source: CBS

The houseguests might have been a little let down when they found out that they were “only” playing for $5000 and not the $15k+ items that they were expecting. It was a ‘Hide N Seek’ competition where the houseguests searched the house for the money. The Jurors got to play as well.

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Big Brother 16: Jury Returns To The House!

A message appeared on the TV screen in the living room this morning that said “It’s time for a luxury competition”. Little did we know that this luxury competition included the jury members, let alone letting them take the house by storm this morning.


Zach from Big Brother 16 showering in Froot Loops – Source: CBS

Flashback to 11:37AM for the Jury’s return. Each Jury member had on their own Team Shirt. An example would be Zach wearing a “Team Zach” shirt and Donny wearing a “Team Donny” shirt. This likely means that they’ll be apart of the actual luxury competition, rather than only visiting.

Before the feeds went down for the luxury competition, the jurors entered the house and wrecked the place. From throwing clothes, towels, and even pouring Froot Loops all over the floor. It was all in good fun and made quite the the show.

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