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Big Brother 19: Day 85 Recap

The feeds finally returned after being down for more than 24 hours while an eviction was taped, a head of household was played, nominations were made, and the veto competition was played. All of the leaks over the last 24 hours were confirmed and we also found out who the likely evictee for Thursday will be, as well as who Paul is planning on taking to the final two with him.

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Big Brother 19: Day 83 Recap

Now that we’re closing in on the finale, the plans that each of the houseguests put into place are coming to fruition, which means that there will be less and less game talk as we get further down the road. We’ll still get some final three management going, trying to make sure that they’ll be taken to final two, but that will be the most of it. There was also the veto ceremony, which locked in the nominations for the week and gave us a good idea as to who is being nominated.

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Big Brother 19: Day 81 Recap

It’s veto competition day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll learn whether a big move or not can even be attempted this week. What could also throw a wrench in things is if Alex were to win, as everyone fears her now that they’re down to the final five and she’s been able to win so many competitions. We’re also sure to get much more insight from Josh via camtalks.

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