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Big Brother Over The Top: Day 3 Recap


It’s day three of the new season and things are already heating up, with plenty of game talk being discussed as well as the first HOH of the fall being crowned today. We’ll have plenty of talks that involve deal making, as well as who the first targets should be. We’re already seeing some dissenting alliance members, which should make for some good feeds.

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Big Brother Over The Top: Day 2 Recap


It’s the second day of the new fall season, which means that it’s also the day of the first HOH competition of the fall. While it won’t be today that the new HOH is crowned, the process is at least started and strategies as to how the houseguests want to go about it will be discussed. We’re also seeing more alliances testing the waters as it’s not just Cornbread, Monte, Scott, and Shane with the only alliance anymore.

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Big Brother Over The Top: Move-In & Premiere Recap

We’ve finally made it to the premiere night of the new Big Brother online-only season! The 65 day season is kicked off tonight during a live 2 and a half house premiere.


For the first time ever, the houseguests will be moving in live on the live feeds for everyone at home to watch their initial reactions and first day alliances be created. In every previous season, the houseguests were typically in the house for a week before the actual premiere episode, but not this season. There will be almost no blackouts and we’ll get to see everything!

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