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Big Brother 19: Week 3 Eviction Results

This week’s eviction was the first eviction of the summer where we knew going into it that the votes weren’t going to be split and that the house was fully united on who to take out.

Alex managed to pin the target on Dominique this week, getting the majority group to turn on one of their own. Dominique being nominated resulted in plenty of drama for the week, as Dominique went on to call out Paul at ceremonies and try to turn his closest allies against him, which ultimately didn’t end up working.

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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Eviction Results

While tonight’s eviction might have been one of the most predictable we’ll have of the summer, a couple potential rogue votes kept things interesting.

After Cody tried to backdoor Paul last week and Paul obtained power the next week, the target was obvious and the plan to get Cody out went off without a hitch. Despite this being Paul’s plan and objective to get Cody out, he’s the one who is prodding for a rogue vote to sow confusion within the house once Cody is gone.

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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Eviction Results

It’s only the first eviction of the summer, but the consequences of tonight are going to be huge. Unlike previous seasons, the house is already divided down the middle, with multiple houseguests lying and double crossing each other, which will all be exposed tonight.

Cody ended up having to nominate over a third of the house after Megan left, Alex took herself off the block, and Paul revealed he had the Pendant of Protection. Because Cody chose to blindside his alliance by going after Paul, the house split, with the big nine person alliance breaking off to form a new alliance, just without Cody and Jessica.

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Big Brother 18: Final Four Eviction Results

Today’s eviction is the last normal eviction of the summer, as we’ll be heading into the last week of Big Brother 18. The next houseguest won’t be getting evicted until finale night!


Tonight’s eviction will be taking us down to the final three, kicking off the last week of Big Brother 18, as the finale is now only a week from today. Corey and Nicole found themselves nominated for eviction after Paul won the HOH, resulting in Nicole’s unnominated streak finally come to an end after 90 days.

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Big Brother 18: Week 12 Eviction Results

This first of two evictions this week is the first eviction this summer that wasn’t live, however, it was very clear heading into it who was going to be evicted.


When Corey was able to win HOH and Nicole won the veto, it once again gave them all the power to decide which nominee would go home. Corey nominated Paul and Victor with the intention of sending Victor home, which was only solidified once Victor didn’t win the veto. While Nicole did put up some counter-arguments as to why they should think about sending Paul home, it’s speculated that it was only a fake argument for footage, as Nicole talked about doing that as the new week started.

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