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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Double Eviction Results

We’re in for a crazy night in the Big Brother house, as we’re going to be seeing two houseguests evicted during one show, which brings the possibility for a real shakeup of power.

There are some houseguests who were anticipating tonight’s double eviction, while others, such as Alex, Raven, and Jason, who didn’t think so. We’ll be seeing an eviction, HOH competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition, POV ceremony, and another live eviction all during tonight’s one hour show!

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Big Brother 19: Week 6 Eviction Results

All the events of the past week are finally coming to a head tonight as a houseguest will finally be evicted for the first time in two weeks.

This week didn’t go as Josh or his allies had planned it, as a wrench was thrown into things are Cody won safety via the temptation competition. Jessica was the clear second target, but since she lost the temptation competition, she was the third nominee, forcing Josh to put up two other people.

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Big Brother 19: Week 5 Eviction Results

The houseguests have been bust scheming all week in preparation for tonight’s eviction, but they were soon to find out that it was all for naught and that they’d have to start over.

Once Paul nominated Cody and Jessica, it was clear to the fans at home that Jessica was going to have virtually no choice when it came to using the Halting Hex this week. Despite her having told several houseguests, including Paul, exactly what it does, Paul spent several hours debating it last night and came to the conclusion that Jessica will only be able to save herself with it, leaving Cody open to be evicted.

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Big Brother 19: Week 4 Eviction Results

It’s been a pretty slow week in the Big Brother house, but things started to finally heat up last night when Jessica found out there was a plan to blindside her at the eviction. She’ll finally see if that was true or not tonight.

Jessica nominated Josh and Ramses with the intention of sending Josh home this week, but there was immediately a plan devised by Paul to keep Josh in the house to mess with Cody and Jessica while also being a number for him. This plan was completely kept from Cody and Jessica up until about 24 hours out from the eviction, when Kevin informed her that the votes might have flipped.

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Big Brother 19: Week 3 Eviction Results

This week’s eviction was the first eviction of the summer where we knew going into it that the votes weren’t going to be split and that the house was fully united on who to take out.

Alex managed to pin the target on Dominique this week, getting the majority group to turn on one of their own. Dominique being nominated resulted in plenty of drama for the week, as Dominique went on to call out Paul at ceremonies and try to turn his closest allies against him, which ultimately didn’t end up working.

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