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Big Brother 19: Final Two Plans

We’re hardly more than 24 hours away from the Big Brother 19 finale, which means that one of the three houseguests left will soon be $500,000 richer!

Christmas, Josh, and Paul have lasted over 90 days in the house now all for the moment coming Wednesday night. Since Paul and Josh won round one and round two of the Head of Household competitions this week, they’ll be the ones competing during the live finale while Christmas is forced to sit out. The winner will get to choose who they take to the final two with him.

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Big Brother 19: Final Four Eviction Plans

Tonight’s eviction will take us down to the final three, meaning that the houseguest who casts the sole vote to evict must choose who they believe who betters their chance of winning it all!

We found out yesterday that Paul won Head of Household, nominated Josh and Kevin, then went on to win the Power of Veto as well, securing that he controls virtually everything this week. However, the phone thing that he doesn’t have total control over is the eviction itself, as there will only be one vote to evict this week.

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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Special Eviction Plans

The houseguests don’t quite know it yet, but there will be a special eviction later this evening, bringing them down to the final four.

We won’t see the eviction until tomorrow night, but it’ll be recorded later this evening. There are only two votes, which makes things fairly straight forward, but we’re going to continue like we have all summer with a article laying out how things are likely to end up going.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Eviction Plans

The eviction tonight could’ve been a fairly interesting one, but Matt made sure that wasn’t the case by breaking the rules and taking a penalty vote days before the eviction.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven this week under the guise of wanting to backdoor Kevin. When he won the veto and blindsided Matt and Raven at the veto ceremony by not using it, all hell broke loose. Matt called Jason virtually every name in the book with Raven yelling at him as well. Jason and his allies were actually debating on whether or not they should sent home Raven first, but Matt made sure that didn’t happen.

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Big Brother 19: Week 8 Eviction Plans

The most uneventful week of the summer so far is finally coming to a close tonight as the houseguests decide who they’re going to take to the final eight with them.

Christmas originally nominated Jason and Matt this week, with the intention of getting Mark out. Despite Mark being the main target, Jason was the clear backup target and the one person who might be able to have the votes flipped against him. However, Jason ended up winning the veto and sealing Mark’s fate in the game.

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