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Big Brother 19: Final Four Eviction Results

The Big Brother 19 season is coming to a close and we’re finally down to the last Thursday eviction of the summer, which will bring us down to the final three!

Tonight’s eviction will be the most consequential of the summer, as it will determine which people are in the final three and who will be competing in the three-part final Head of Household competitions that result in the winner getting to choose who comes to the final two with them. Paul won both the Head of Household and POV competition, securing his spot in the final three and giving him a lot of say on who ends up with him in the final three.


Big Brother 19: Week 11 Eviction Results

The special eviction that was held tonight will finally bring us down to the final four, giving us just a week until someone is crowned the winner of Big Brother 19!

The special eviction was taped tonight, but it won’t air until tomorrow night during the regularly scheduled Wednesday episode. However, it was leaked who was evicted beforehand by the same guy who have contributed all of the other accurate leaks so far this season. We thought it was going to be a straightforward vote, but it turned out not to be!

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Double Eviction Results

It’s been a very slow week in the Big Brother house, with virtually no serious fights for the first time this summer, but that’s going to be changing tonight with the live double eviction!

Not only will two houseguests be getting evicted tonight, but Alex and Jason are going to be in for a shock when they find out that they’ve been getting lied to this entire week, which adds a lot more suspense to tonight’s double eviction. We could be in for a shakeup tonight depending on who wins and who that person would nominate.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Eviction Plans

It’s been a fairly uneventful week, but things are surely to speed back up again tonight, as we’re not only heading into a double eviction, but there will also be a major blindside.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason this week with the promise that Kevin was going to be the target. That promise was seemingly kept when Paul won the veto and used it on Alex, letting Christmas put up Kevin as the replacement nominee. Alex is completely convinced that her and Jason are in the best positions in the house, so she has never had any doubt in the plan, but she’ll find out soon enough.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Eviction Results

While it was a fairly eventful week following the veto ceremony, it was pretty clear going into tonight’s eviction which of the two nominees would be going home.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven for eviction this week with the promise that he’d use the veto on Raven if he won it so that Kevin could be put up and backdoored. However, when Jason actually did end up winning the veto, he changed his mind and decided that he’d rather blindside Matt and Raven at the veto ceremony by keeping the nominations the same and ensuring that one of them goes home this week.

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