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Big Brother 19: Paul Tells Alex He’s Not Saving Her

Paul has played a near perfect game up until this point, but winning the veto yesterday when he didn’t need to meant that he’d have reveal to Alex that they’re not as close as she thought.

Once Jason was sent home in a blindside eviction last week, Alex was convinced that Paul was the only person left that actually had her back, so when Paul won the veto, she was convinced that she was safe for the week and that Kevin was finally being sent out the door. However, in reality Paul has been working closely with Christmas and Josh, who had the real agenda of getting Alex out the door this week.

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Big Brother 19: Anti-Kevin Crusade Begins

We’ve dealt with the houseguests talking behind Kevin’s back for the last several weeks, but things finally came to a head today when Christmas and Josh confronted him.

Paul and his group have spent the last few weeks pinning a target on Kevin’s back by any means necessary, which resulted in virtually the entire house being against Kevin and on board with the plan to target him as soon as possible. While Kevin did know something was up with his relationship with Alex, he had no idea of the extent to how many people that have turned against him.

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Big Brother 19: Paul’s Plan To Evict Kevin

We thought we were in for a fairly straight forward week after Jason won the HOH and nominated Matt and Raven, but Paul has since came up with an agenda of his own.

Going into today, everyone was in agreement that they were going to send Matt out this week, but that changed after the veto competition. Once Jason won, which was the eighth competition win between Alex and Jason, Paul finally realized just how big of a threat they were. So after the competition, Paul went to his closest allies, Christmas and Josh.

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Big Brother 19: Paul tells Alex and Jason about Kevin’s $25,000

Kevin taking the $25,000 temptation that ended up bringing Paul into the house was arguably one of the best kept secrets of the season, but that isn’t the case any longer.

The only person that we knew for sure Kevin told about the $25,000 was Paul, which he ended up telling right away so that they could build an instant friendship, since Kevin actually was the reason that Paul even came into the game. Paul has been on an anti-Kevin kick for the last week and a half, but has always kept this secret to himself. After a full week of an anti-Kevin crusade, Paul decided that it was finally time to start telling people.

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Big Brother 19: Josh and Elena’s Fight

Despite just having a very public fight with Cody, the attention turned to Elena once Cody had left the room and the people left in the kitchen got to talking.

Once Cody had left the room and people were done rehashing what just happened, Josh turned to Elena and said that he was shocked by her actions the week before last. Elena questioned why they were even talking about this again when the two of them already had a conversation where Josh said that he knew where Elena was coming from. Josh said that when Jessica won power, it was Elena who tried rallying people against him, but when she realized that Josh was staying, she proved how disloyal she was by turning on Cody and Jessica on a dime.

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