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Big Brother 19: Christmas Uses The Ring Of Replacement

After Jessica used her Halting Hex on Thursday, Christmas was the last houseguest left who still had a temptation. Despite saying she wouldn’t use it until jury, she used it this afternoon.

Christmas received the second Den of Temptation, which was the Ring of Replacement. It gave her the ability to swap places with anyone picked to compete in the veto, so long as they weren’t the HOH or the nominees. This temptation could only be used once, but it would never expire. It was thought that she would use it to either solidify a backdoor by taking a target’s spot or compete when she thought she was in trouble, but instead she decided to play it safe this week.

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Big Brother 19: Jessica Tells Kevin About Her Temptation

Jessica was given the Halting Hex by America last week, which gives her the power to stop an eviction in it’s tracks. It was less than a week before she revealed it to someone other than Cody.

Jessica’s temptation lets her halt an eviction, essentially being a self-imposed reset week, where both nominees are taken off the block and a new week is started. Since she got the temptation last week, after she’s done being HOH this week, the temptation will only be good for two more weeks, but that didn’t stop her from hinting otherwise.

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Big Brother 19: Week 2 Den of Temptation Spoilers

It’s time for another houseguest to be tempted with a new power, but knowing that there is going to be someone in the house that is cursed if they were to take it. While this week’s temptation isn’t as powerful as last week’s, it still has the ability to really shake things up.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

This week’s temptation is called the Ring of Replacement, which allows the recipient to play in any veto competition they want this summer if they’re not picked a player like is usually done. This power can only be used once. This means that if a houseguest fears they’re going to be backdoored and isn’t picked to play in veto, they’ll get the chance to compete for their safety if they choose.

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Big Brother 19: Week 1 Den of Temptation Spoilers

The new twist this year has been deemed the “Den of Temptation”, which will involves a different houseguest each week being voted on by America to be tempted with a power that will benefit them, but could come with a consequence for someone else.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

This week’s temptation was called the “Pendant of Protection” and that power made it so whoever received it would get 3 weeks safety, but it wouldn’t have to be revealed to the houseguests until the recipient actually needed to use it to get themselves out of a jam.

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Big Brother 19: Den Of Temptation 2 and 3 Leaked

The new Den of Temptations twist and the first vote for it was only revealed last night, but we already know what the new two temptations will be thanks to a leak made possible by CBS’ website.

Julie Chen from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

Following the tradition of all the other major twists so far this season, this latest one has leaked early, giving us insight into what we can expect from the upcoming Den of Temptations vote and will give us an idea on how game changing they could be. The one thing we don’t know is what the consequence of taking that temptation could be.

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