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Big Brother 19: Mark Campaigns to Christmas and Josh

The Power of Veto ceremony is tomorrow morning, which means that if Mark has any hope for saving himself this week, the best way to do that would be to try to convince Christmas to put someone else up as the replacement nominee, which is what he attempted this afternoon.

Mark joined Christmas and Josh in the HOH room, saying that he wanted to see if there were any final deals or words he could say that would change their mind about putting him up as the replacement nominee tomorrow afternoon. Mark explained that he understands if there is nothing he can do to change their mind, but said that he just knows that he’d regret it if he at least didn’t try. Christmas said that she understands and brought up the fact that she did promise him that she’d think about it, but said that she’d like to sit on it a little longer because the veto meeting isn’t until tomorrow and someone could self-implode before then.

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Big Brother 19: Cody Campaigns To Alex

Despite saying that he wasn’t going to talk to anyone once Jessica left, Cody has actually been fairly social, including himself in conversations and even campaigning to stay.

Cody campaigned late last night around 5am, but they didn’t get much talk in, as both he and Alex were half asleep. We thought that might be the last bit of campaigning before tomorrow’s veto ceremony, but Cody gave a full-length pitch to both Alex and Jason on what he has to offer them if they were to draw a line in the sand to save him.

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