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Big Brother 19: Fan Yells Into The Backyard With Bullhorn

Fans using a bullhorn to yell messages into the backyard isn’t a new concept, as it’s happened several times in previous seasons, but it just happened for the first time this season last night.

Only a couple of hours after the big fight between the entire house vs Jessica and Cody, we heard a message yelled into the backyard. Not everyone in the backyard heard what was said, but enough did to where it has spread paranoia as to how they’re being portrayed on the show and how America likes.

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Big Brother 18: Fan With Bullhorn Causes James & Natalie To Fight

Fans attempting to influence the game by getting information into the backyard via a bullhorn was a common occurrence last season, but this season it hasn’t happened at all, or at least until last night.


While James, Natalie, Paul, and Victor were outside in the backyard, a fan yelled “James and Nicole are in a pregame alliance”. This message was repeated five times before the feeds finally went down. While the feeds were down for nearly 20 minutes, we missed plenty of important things and were only able to learn about them via retells.

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