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Big Brother 19: Tables Start To Turn On Elena

It seemed as though Elena’s game was on the rebound after putting some distance between her and Mark, but she moved up on nearly everyone’s target list before being nominated.

For the last couple weeks, it was Mark that was putting a damper on Elena’s game because of his association with Cody and Jessica, but now the opposite is true. Now it seems as though Mark will be the one benefitting from the appearance of a separation.

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Big Brother 19: Houseguests’ Week 6 Targets

Even though the houseguests will find out it was all for nothing before tonight’s vote, it’s been the most drama-filled week of the summer so far, making this coming week’s HOH and targets that much more important.

Jessica and Cody are on the block going into tonight’s eviction, which means that Jessica will be using her Halting Hex temptation that America gave to her to halt the eviction, saving her and Cody for the week as they move on to start week six. While they might have saved themselves this week, they’re going to be in trouble if neither of them are able to win HOH.

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Big Brother 19: Megan Lowder Statement After Self-Evicting

The Big Brother fandom was hit with the news yesterday once the feeds went up that a houseguest, Megan, had self-evicted after getting into a heated argument with Alex and Jessica.

Megan Lowder from Big Brother 19 – Source: CBS

Everything we knew about the incident was from what the houseguests were saying when retelling the events to each other. Now that Megan is out of the house and back home, she has decided to release a statement on what happened, but said beforehand that she doesn’t harbor any ill feelings towards any of her former houseguests.

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Big Brother 19 House Redesign Reveal [PICS]

We’re just days away from the premiere of Big Brother 19, which means that it’s a perfect time to finally reveal the completely redesigned house that we’ll be watching the houseguests in all summer!

The theme of the summer is “Temptation”, which means that there is going to be a lot of red and other colors usually thought to symbolize desire, including a almost valentine-day themed bedroom to symbolize the temptation of love and a fully gold HOH room to symbolize the obvious temptation of money.

Full gallery of the new house:

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Big Brother 19 “Temptation” Twist Revealed!

We only just met the new houseguests for Big Brother 19 just days ago, but that doesn’t mean that the news is going to stop streaming in! The first twist of the new season was teased by Julie yesterday and finally revealed today!

Big Brother 19 is going to be the season of temptation and an elaborate new twist is going to have the ability to shake up the game each week. The twist even includes a new room that AMERICA will vote to send one houseguest into, in which that houseguest will be enticed with something that could be potentially game changing!

You can read the full release for yourself here:

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