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Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Date and Information!

We’ve been waiting for a few months now to hear news about the new Celebrity Edition of Big Brother coming to the United States for the first time and now we’ve finally got it!

Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere February 7th, 2018 and will be wrapped up just 19 days later with the finale being on February 25th. This means that Celebrity Big Brother will be going up against the Winter Olympics, which is what we originally thought that CBS was going to end up doing with the new series.

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Celebrity Big Brother Coming This Winter!

After the events of the double eviction, Julie gave us one of the most unexpected announcements that we’ve received in years! Celebrity Big Brother is coming this winter!

Celebrity Big Brother has been on in the United Kingdom for as many years as the normal Big Brother has in the US, but it’s finally coming to the United States for the first time this winter! There will still be a Big Brother 20 next summer, but we’ll be getting a whole new season of Celebrity Big Brother in the meantime!

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Big Brother Over The Top: No Plans For A Second Season This Fall

CBS announced a new CBS All Access Exclusive season of Big Brother a little less than a year ago. While many of the fans who watched it did enjoy it, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a second season this year.

Big Brother Over The Top for those of you who didn’t watch it was a season of Big Brother that was exclusive only to CBS’ streaming service. Everything was shown on the live feeds, from ceremonies to competitions to Diary Room sessions. They did have recap episodes that you could watch, but they were much longer than your standard episodes of the normal Big Brother, hence why there was only one a week.

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Big Brother 19: Christmas Injures Her Foot

We have had houseguests injure themselves before, but not as bad as what seemingly happened to Christmas this morning when she was messing around with Jason.

While we know the cause of the injury, it initially happening wasn’t on the live feeds. We only saw the cameras cut to Christmas laying in the backyard, calling on Jason to go get help, saying that she knows she just broke her foot and could feel the blood swelling. Jason ended up explaining later how it happened; He was carrying Christmas around on his back and running around, but then he slipped and fell.

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Big Brother Executive Producers Dish On Fall Season Details

The new fall season that is coming exclusively to CBS All Access will be the first of it’s kind for Big Brother. They’ve been airing strictly in the summer all 18 seasons except just one other time during BB9. That being said, we now have some new details about Big Brother: Digital Edition!

juile chen a

The news coming out today about the new edition of the show is very exciting because it looks like things are going to be pretty different compared to the usual summer broadcasts that we’ve grown so used to seeing over the years. From Julie’s hosting job to how the competitions will work, a lot of things will be changing.

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