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Big Brother 19 House Redesign Reveal [PICS]

We’re just days away from the premiere of Big Brother 19, which means that it’s a perfect time to finally reveal the completely redesigned house that we’ll be watching the houseguests in all summer!

The theme of the summer is “Temptation”, which means that there is going to be a lot of red and other colors usually thought to symbolize desire, including a almost valentine-day themed bedroom to symbolize the temptation of love and a fully gold HOH room to symbolize the obvious temptation of money.

Full gallery of the new house:

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Big Brother 18 House Tour Pictures Leaked!

Big Brother 18 is only a few weeks away and leaks have already started to pour out. Entertainment Tonight did their annual tour of the Big Brother house, but this year someone took pictures of their own and decided to leak them to the internet!

Julie Chen giving a tour of the Big Brother 18 house - Source: CBS

Julie Chen giving a tour of the Big Brother 18 house – Source: CBS

The theme of the house this year is “Travel”, as you will see in the pictures below. There is a Paris themed Kitchen with the Eiffel tower above the fridge, a Tokyo room with Japanese writing and anime style cartoons on the walls, and a beach bathroom that includes a floor made out of nothing but sand! 

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First Look At The Big Brother 17 House!

The Big Brother house is something that gets changed around every year, and this year was no exception! CBS has finally revealed the newly redesigned house, and let me just say… It looks great!

First Look at the Big Brother 17 House! - Source: CBS/ET Online

First Look at the Big Brother 17 House! – Source: CBS/ET Online


Entertainment Tonight debuted the house on their daily news show just like they did for the Big Brother 16 house. Dozens of pictures of the new house were posted on ETOnline, showing us all the new rooms, and even the backyard.

The new house seems to be going for a futuristic/in the clouds look and I think they did a good job at achieving that! I’m glad to say that I won’t mind looking at this house for the next 3 months. Have a look for yourself;


New Big Brother 17 House Photos –

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Big Brother 17 House Tour Date Announced!

The reveal of the new redesigned Big Brother house is always a very important event for both Big Brother fans and houseguests. It’s what we’ll both be looking at for the next 3 months of our lives. Luckily, we have the confirmed date of that reveal for you here today!


Julie Chen has Big Brother 17 news! – Source: CBS

ET Canada, the same people who revealed last year’s house, will be the first to reveal the newly redesigned Big Brother 17 house! This news come as a surprised to us because it is sooner than you’d think!

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