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Big Brother 18 Live Houseguest Reveal Canceled

All week CBS and it’s affiliates have been hyping up the houseguest reveal on the live feeds where live houseguest interviews were planned, just as what CBS did last year. However, in the middle of the night, CBS called the event off.


Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Promo – Source: CBS

CBS broke the news at midnight on Twitter that the live houseguest interviews would not be streamed Monday morning, but instead we would get prerecorded interviews that would air on the Live Feeds Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM eastern standard time. Here is what the exact tweet said:

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Big Brother 18 Hopefuls: Open Casting Calls Being

With Big Brother 18 only months away, houseguest hopefuls will be able to attend open call casting events that’ll be getting held all across the country.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 18 news! - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother news! – Source: CBS

If you’d rather apply online, you can do so leading up until April 22nd, which means if you’re unable to attend any of the events in your area or if they’re just too far from you, you’ll still be able to have your shot to get on the show.

As more casting event locations get announced, we’ll continue to keep the list below updated.

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[RUMOR] Amazing Race 26 Star To Join Big Brother 17 Cast?

The rumor mill has picked up again and I can honestly say that this one is more believable than the last. This time the rumored houseguest is Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race 26! We can thank social media again for this new leak as well!

Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race - Source: CBS

Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race – Source: CBS

This leaked was caused by a family member who mentioned that Jeff will be gone for 4 months, along with being unable to communicate with anyone during that time. CBS is known for recasting reality stars to do different shows, hence why this rumor has merit.

We can thank MissCleoBB for this leak, as she was first to report it. This makes us wonder if CBS plans on casting other reality stars from other shows such as Survivor for their Big Brother 17 cast, or will Jeff be the only one?

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[Rumor] First Big Brother 17 Houseguest Is Another Male Model?

Big Brother has had it’s fair share of both male and female models, but it doesn’t seem like they want to end that trend because if the rumors are true, another male model will be joining the Big Brother 17 cast.

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 - Source: CBS

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Social Media has rumors swirling daily, though this one seems to have some merit. About 24-48 hours ago, the possible houseguest checked out on his Instagram saying that he’ll “be away for a while” and that he’s “going on a new adventure”. He fits the Big Brother type, hence why the rumor is so possible.

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All Big Brother 17 Possible Houseguests Have Been Contacted!

With Big Brother 17 casting calls coming to a close only a couple weeks ago, the semifinalists for BB17 houseguests have been contacted according to Big Brother’s casting director, Robyn Kass.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 17 news! – Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother 17 news! – Source: CBS

This is good news for fans who are excited for the season to start, but not so good news for everyone who want to casting calls and applied online. If you weren’t contacted, i’m sorry to inform you that you won’t be a houseguest on Big Brother 17.

Robyn Kass announced on Twitter this evening that the semi-finalists for Big Brother 17 houseguest choices have all been contacted. Which means the finale stretch for picking BB17 houseguests are finally underway!

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