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CBS Accidentally Reveals Unseen Houesguest In New Trailer

Today CBS released a new “Meet the houseguests” trailer to further pump the fans up for Big Brother 17, though what they failed to realize is that they forgot not to include houseguests that haven’t been revealed yet in a quick cut scene on a board of note cards.

Meet the Big Brother 17 Houseguests - Source: CBS

Meet the Big Brother 17 Houseguests – Source: CBS

The entire video was dedicated to introducing the cast, having them write a little motto or saying on a notecard, and moving onto the next houseguest. At the end of the video they did a very quick shot at a board with all the note cards on it.

Not only is there more than 14 cards on the board, but there is also a card that has been signed “Jackie” in the very top left. Did CBS accidentally reveal unseen houseguests in the new trailer, or does one of the current houseguests call themselves Jackie? A houseguest being nicknamed Jackie is unlikely because none of the currently known houseguests have a name even remotely like that.

What do you think? Just a coincidence or did CBS fail? You can watch the video by clicking here.


Update: We not have a pretty good idea as to who the new houseguests are. As we reported about a week ago, Jeff from The Amazing Race was rumored to be joining the Big Brother cast, and now we have a good idea that his girlfriend Jackie, who was also on the show will be joining him.
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[RUMOR] Amazing Race 26 Star To Join Big Brother 17 Cast?

The rumor mill has picked up again and I can honestly say that this one is more believable than the last. This time the rumored houseguest is Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race 26! We can thank social media again for this new leak as well!

Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race - Source: CBS

Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race – Source: CBS

This leaked was caused by a family member who mentioned that Jeff will be gone for 4 months, along with being unable to communicate with anyone during that time. CBS is known for recasting reality stars to do different shows, hence why this rumor has merit.

We can thank MissCleoBB for this leak, as she was first to report it. This makes us wonder if CBS plans on casting other reality stars from other shows such as Survivor for their Big Brother 17 cast, or will Jeff be the only one?

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