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Big Brother Over The Top: What America Will Be Voting On

After plenty of speculation about just how the viewers would be able to affect the game, we finally have a breakdown of the things that we’ll be voting on.


It was promised that viewers would have more impact on the game than ever, with frequent online polls about how they’d like to affect the game and the fact that it’ll be the viewers at home who choose the winner of the season instead of the usual jury. It was teased that the viewers would affect nominations, evictions, and game-changing twists, now we know just what they meant.

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Big Brother Over The Top: “America’s Vote” To Affect Nominations & Evictions

It’s been teased that viewers will get to change the game unlike ever before by voting in polls, well now we have somewhat of an idea as to what we’d be voting on.


We found out that it would be the viewers deciding the winner instead of a jury like past seasons, but what we didn’t know is just how much we could be affecting what goes on in the house on a regular basis. Previously, America’s Vote was always something that seemed like an addition to the week instead of changing something as important as nominations and evictions, but this year might be different.

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