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Big Brother 19: Final Four POV Results

Since we’re down to the final four, there will only be one person casting a vote to evict this week, making this Power of Veto the most important competition of the summer so far!

There is less than a week until finale now now, which officially means we’re on the home stretch and the summer is finally coming to a close. This is also the last veto competition of the summer, as we’ll be down to the final three, which only involves a 3-part HOH competition. Not only will the winner of this veto be secured a spot in the final three, but they’ll also single-handedly decide who they take to the final three with them.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Double Eviction Results

It’s been a very slow week in the Big Brother house, with virtually no serious fights for the first time this summer, but that’s going to be changing tonight with the live double eviction!

Not only will two houseguests be getting evicted tonight, but Alex and Jason are going to be in for a shock when they find out that they’ve been getting lied to this entire week, which adds a lot more suspense to tonight’s double eviction. We could be in for a shakeup tonight depending on who wins and who that person would nominate.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 POV Results

The competition today was important for several reasons, as we could ultimately end up with a very different evictee on Thursday depending on several different people who could have won.

Christmas nominated Alex and Jason for eviction this week, but the pair believe that Kevin is the actual target. While Alex and Jason believe that, everyone else in the house is in on the plan to actually get Jason out this week. However, they’re not the only ones who would use the veto if they were to win it. Paul also wants to win the veto so he can take Alex off, which will ensure his safety with Alex if she were to win HOH next week.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 POV Results

This week’s veto competition will determine the type of week we can expect, as the winner really did determine whether we were just going to see a blindside on Thursday or get a week of paranoia and dread.

Jason nominated Matt and Raven under the guise of just using them as pawns in order to get Kevin out, but in reality Matt is everyone’s main target this week. Josh, Kevin, and Paul were selected to play alongside the the two nominees and HOH. Matt and Raven were promised that the veto would be used on Raven, but instead they wanted someone who would keep the nominations the same to win, which would solidify that one of Maven would be going home and they’d just be waiting to be split up for the entire week.

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Big Brother 19: Week 8 POV Results

This week’s power of veto is another important one, as we’ll either see the house finally have to turn on each other or see their final target have their fate sealed before it’s just them left.

Christmas nominated Jason and Matt with the intention of backdooring Mark. While the backdoor plan ultimately failed since Mark was chosen to play in the veto competition anyway, they still had the chance to get him out, so long as Mark didn’t win it. There was clear backup targets in place, but Mark remained public enemy #1.

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