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Big Brother 19: Final Four Nomination Ceremony Results

The leaks have continued to flow in with the feeds being down. We found out who was evicted who won Head of Household, and now who have been nominated!

We found out last night that Alex was evicted after Josh had to break the tie and then Paul ended up winning the Head of Household competition. We didn’t have much to go on as to who would be nominated next to Kevin, since Paul is so close to both Christmas and Josh. Based on talks alone, we summed up that it is Josh who Paul wants to take to the final two, so we could only guess how he’d play that this week.

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Big Brother 19: Week 11 Nomination Ceremony Results

We’re down to the final five now, which means that nominations will be much less eventful and putting virtually all of the suspense in who wins the veto and the outcome of the eviction voting.

Since Alex won the double eviction HOH last night, she wasn’t able to compete in the secondary HOH, leaving her completely vulnerable to be targeted right after her ride or die, Jason, was sent packing by a blindside during the live show. Despite how obvious it might seem that she’s the target, Alex went into the ceremony thinking that Kevin was the target.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Double Eviction Results

It’s been a very slow week in the Big Brother house, with virtually no serious fights for the first time this summer, but that’s going to be changing tonight with the live double eviction!

Not only will two houseguests be getting evicted tonight, but Alex and Jason are going to be in for a shock when they find out that they’ve been getting lied to this entire week, which adds a lot more suspense to tonight’s double eviction. We could be in for a shakeup tonight depending on who wins and who that person would nominate.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Nomination Ceremony Results

Today’s nominations showed that we’re in for a fairly interesting week, as the new Head of Household put up two people who thought they were closest to her.

Since Matt went home last week, that meant that all of the showmances were finally broken up, leaving only one obvious power duo in the house, that being Alex and Jason. While they don’t even hide the fact that they’re a power duo, the pair believe that they’re some of the safest in the house, with their closest allies being Christmas, Josh and Paul.

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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Nomination Ceremony Results

Things will quickly become more interesting now that we’ve made it to the final eight, as the majority alliance that has dominated the house has no choice but to turn on each other.

Jason winning HOH this week put a stop to Christmas, Josh, and Paul’s plan to get Alex out this week, which means that they’d have to settle for what they viewed as their third best option. That being said, the trio at the center of the two factions don’t have many qualms about who this week’s target is going to be.

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