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Big Brother 19: Final HOH Round 2 Results

We’ve finally made it to the second to last competition of the season and it was another very consequential one,  as it decides exactly which two will compete for a spot in the final two.

Since Paul won the first round, that meant that he automatically advanced to the third round to compete for the chance to choose who he takes to the final two with him. Being that Christmas and Josh both lost, the duo was to face off in today’s competition to be the person who goes up against Paul in that final competition. The loser of today’s competition was completely at the mercy of whomever won the final competition.

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Big Brother 19: Final Four HOH Competition Results

Since we’re now down to the final four, that makes this week’s upcoming HOH arguably the most important of the summer, as it ensures final three and the ability to still play in the final three HOH competitions.

We know from the leak earlier tonight that Alex was evicted after the vote was split, but we still had to wait to find out who won the HOH that would determine which houseguest would be ensured a spot in the final three and their spot in the house until finale night. The HOH will have the power to nominate two people of their choice, but it’s the Power of Veto winner who will be the sole vote to evict.

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Big Brother 19: Week 11 HOH Competition Results

Despite the eventful double eviction that took place, tonight’s Head of Household competition will be pretty straight forward, as the main target for the week cannot compete.

Since Alex won the double eviction HOH, that means that she wasn’t able to compete in tonight’s competition. After she was blindsiding during the first eviction by her ride or die being taken out, she then attached herself to Paul, as he had been the one who voted to evict Kevin and acted as if he was fighting with Josh about the vote, despite it all being planned.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 Double Eviction Results

It’s been a very slow week in the Big Brother house, with virtually no serious fights for the first time this summer, but that’s going to be changing tonight with the live double eviction!

Not only will two houseguests be getting evicted tonight, but Alex and Jason are going to be in for a shock when they find out that they’ve been getting lied to this entire week, which adds a lot more suspense to tonight’s double eviction. We could be in for a shakeup tonight depending on who wins and who that person would nominate.

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Big Brother 19: Week 10 HOH Competition Results

Tonight’s Head of Household competition was another important one, as Alex and Jason’s fate was on the line, whether they knew it or not.

Alex and Jason feel arguably safer than anyone going into this week, when in reality virtually everyone has plans on putting them up this week, including those the pair believes they’re closest with. Since Jason won last week, he won’t be able to compete, leaving Alex to compete on behalf of both of them. However, since Alex and Jason think that Kevin and Raven are the targets, they have discussed intentionally throwing this competition.

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