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Big Brother 19: Final Four Eviction Results

The Big Brother 19 season is coming to a close and we’re finally down to the last Thursday eviction of the summer, which will bring us down to the final three!

Tonight’s eviction will be the most consequential of the summer, as it will determine which people are in the final three and who will be competing in the three-part final Head of Household competitions that result in the winner getting to choose who comes to the final two with them. Paul won both the Head of Household and POV competition, securing his spot in the final three and giving him a lot of say on who ends up with him in the final three.


Big Brother 19: Day 85 Recap

The feeds finally returned after being down for more than 24 hours while an eviction was taped, a head of household was played, nominations were made, and the veto competition was played. All of the leaks over the last 24 hours were confirmed and we also found out who the likely evictee for Thursday will be, as well as who Paul is planning on taking to the final two with him.

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Big Brother 19: Paul Reveals Final Two Plans

Paul has controlled the house for virtually the entire summer and now it all comes down to deciding who he believes he has the best chance of winning it all against.

While it’s likely that Paul could beat anyone in the house left in the final two, it’s possible that taking a certain someone is a lot more risking than taking the other two, as there is a chance for bitter jurors and the possibility that said person could win the final HOH and completely hold Paul’s fate in his hands.

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Big Brother 19: Final Four Eviction Plans

Tonight’s eviction will take us down to the final three, meaning that the houseguest who casts the sole vote to evict must choose who they believe who betters their chance of winning it all!

We found out yesterday that Paul won Head of Household, nominated Josh and Kevin, then went on to win the Power of Veto as well, securing that he controls virtually everything this week. However, the phone thing that he doesn’t have total control over is the eviction itself, as there will only be one vote to evict this week.

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