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Big Brother Over The Top: New Details About The ‘Safety Ceremony’

We’re less than 5 days away from the new season of Big Brother, which means that we’re going to be learning more and more information about the new season to come, which is exactly what happened last night.


When more details about Big Brother Over The Top were released on the finale night of Big Brother 18, there was a new ceremony on the weekly schedule called the “Safety Ceremony” that nobody had heard of and had no idea what it was about since there was also a veto ceremony on that schedule, but now we have an idea as to what it is.


Big Brother Over The Top: Everything You Need To Know

Now that Big Brother 18 has come to a close, the new Big Brother fall edition will be starting in just a week times, so we’re here to break down all the details for you.


Big Brother: Over The Top is the name of the new CBS All Access exclusive season that is premiering on September 28th. The houseguests will be introduced just two days prior on September 26th. Those are just the keys dates that you need to be aware of, so now we can get into the actually interesting details!

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Big Brother 18 Finale: Winner and America’s Favorite Revealed!

We’re finally made it to the finale of Big Brother 18! It’s been a long summer, but one of the final three houseguests winner be $500,000 richer before the night is over and one of the houseguests will walk away with the $25,000 America’s Favorite prize too!


To kick things off tonight, Nicole and Paul will compete in the final HOH competition of the summer, with the winner being guaranteed a spot in the final two and the choice on who they’re going to bring with them. It’s clear what Paul will do, but we have no idea as to what Nicole will do, as she’s been struggling with that decision all week.

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Big Brother 18 Houseguests Learn About Big Brother: Over The Top

We’re less than 48 hours now from the final of Big Brother 18, but the new fall edition of Big Brother will premiere in less than 10 days. CBS decided it was time to tell the current houseguests about it.


They were sat down in the living room and shown the teaser of the new fall season, along with a chalk board that they’ll be leaving behind for the new houseguests as tips for what they should do as the new houseguests. The reactions were mixed, from James being excited and happy about it to Nicole being bummed that a new season would begin to quickly after theirs.

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