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Big Brother 19: New Temptation Tree Twist

Julie revealed on Thursday that there will be at least one more temptation twist of the summer and we finally got an idea as to what it is when the feeds finally returned tonight.

We still don’t know exactly how the new temptation twist works, but we do know what the rewards and punishments of the tree are, including what at least a couple of the houseguests ended up getting, as it seems as though the rewards and punishments from this latest temptation have already been given out. You can find a list of the rewards and punishments on the temptation tree below.

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Big Brother 19: Week 8 Nomination Ceremony Results

Since the feeds were down for over 30 hours because of the special Friday episode, we had no idea of who was nominated until the feeds finally returned, hours after the actual ceremony.

We found out who won the Head of Household competition because of a leak that happened about 10 hours before the feeds returned, but what we didn’t know who is she nominated. Being that Christmas works closely with Paul’s majority alliance, which makes up literally the entire house except for one person now, it was pretty clear who her main target would be.

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Big Brother 19: Week 8 HOH Competition Results

The feeds were down following the double eviction, which meant we were left in the dark on who won the HOH. However, thanks to a consistently accurate leaker, we know who won.

I wouldn’t be posting this early if I wasn’t 100% certain the the leaks were accurate. To put this into context, this person also accurately leaked Megan’s self-eviction, the wall HOH competition, Cody winning the battle back, the haunted house temptation competition, the date of the halfway party, the double eviction time, and Derrick’s appearance on the show. Now he has leaked who won the HOH competition.

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Big Brother 19: Week 7 Double Eviction Results

We’re in for a crazy night in the Big Brother house, as we’re going to be seeing two houseguests evicted during one show, which brings the possibility for a real shakeup of power.

There are some houseguests who were anticipating tonight’s double eviction, while others, such as Alex, Raven, and Jason, who didn’t think so. We’ll be seeing an eviction, HOH competition, nominations, Power of Veto competition, POV ceremony, and another live eviction all during tonight’s one hour show!

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