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First BB Takeover Twist Revealed!

The big twist of Big Brother 17 is the new twist that has been named “BB Takeover“. Every week there will be a special guest who “takes over” Big Brother and reveals the new twist to the houseguests! We’ve just learned what the first BB Takeover twist of the season is!

Julie announces the BB Takeover twist - Source: CBS

Julie announces the BB Takeover twist – Source: CBS

This week’s twist was hosted by the host of The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan and he has brought us some The Amazing Race contestants to join the Big Brother cast this season! He confirmed that Jeff and Jackie from The Amazing Race 26 will be joining the houseguests this season!

On top of that twist, Phil announced to Vanessa and Da’Vonne that the risk they took of sitting out of the HOH competition was pretty big, and with that sometimes comes reward. He says that we’ll learn more on that another day!

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