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Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Date and Information!

We’ve been waiting for a few months now to hear news about the new Celebrity Edition of Big Brother coming to the United States for the first time and now we’ve finally got it!

Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere February 7th, 2018 and will be wrapped up just 19 days later with the finale being on February 25th. This means that Celebrity Big Brother will be going up against the Winter Olympics, which is what we originally thought that CBS was going to end up doing with the new series.

We’ll also be getting episodes of Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. The Friday episodes will be special episodes each week that will be two hours long, giving them plenty of time to recap any of the events that take place. We’re currently assuming that either Wednesday or Friday will end up being the new eviction day since there won’t be any more Thursday episodes following the first week.

We will keep you guys posted as we learn more information and when news about who the cast will be whenever that releases! We hope that you’re going to stick around with us for another hopefully-great season of Big Brother!

  • Snerkles

    Oh, good! Something to watch, besides the Olympics. Thanks:)

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