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Big Brother 19: Transcript From The House Fight

We were all expected a boring week since we knew that it was likely that Jessica was going to end up using the Halting Hex, but never before have we been so wrong.

There was originally a plan to get Jessica to not use the Hex, but that fell through. Once that was over, a new please was created to try to get Cody to crack, but that didn’t last long, as Paul ended up having a conversation with Jessica where she laid out his game and said that she’s going to use the Hex. It was a free for all after that, with Paul rallying the entire house to start calling out Cody and Jessica.

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Big Brother 18 Finale: Winner and America’s Favorite Revealed!

We’re finally made it to the finale of Big Brother 18! It’s been a long summer, but one of the final three houseguests winner be $500,000 richer before the night is over and one of the houseguests will walk away with the $25,000 America’s Favorite prize too!


To kick things off tonight, Nicole and Paul will compete in the final HOH competition of the summer, with the winner being guaranteed a spot in the final two and the choice on who they’re going to bring with them. It’s clear what Paul will do, but we have no idea as to what Nicole will do, as she’s been struggling with that decision all week.

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