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Big Brother Over The Top: What America Will Be Voting On

After plenty of speculation about just how the viewers would be able to affect the game, we finally have a breakdown of the things that we’ll be voting on.


It was promised that viewers would have more impact on the game than ever, with frequent online polls about how they’d like to affect the game and the fact that it’ll be the viewers at home who choose the winner of the season instead of the usual jury. It was teased that the viewers would affect nominations, evictions, and game-changing twists, now we know just what they meant.

A Mashable article managed to get this information early before it could be revealed by Julie, likely be CBS’ media team themselves. There is four different things that America will be voting on each week, all of which are pretty important things that happen in the game.


  • Nominations – On top of the HOH’s two nominees, the viewers at home will get the opportunity to nominate a third houseguest for eviction.
  • Evictions – During each eviction week, the houseguests will cast their usual vote to evict, but a poll will also be ran during the week for America to decide who they want evicted. Whichever nominee gets the most votes against them by the viewers will have one vote casted against them as America’s Eviction Vote.
  • Care Packages – Just like last season, the viewers will have the ability to send the houseguest of their choice different care packages that’ll give them an advantage in the game.
  • Have-Nots – The viewers at home will be the ones deciding which three houseguests will be have-nots for the week.


The ability for the viewers to nominate a third houseguest on top of being able to cast a vote to evict are things that have never happened before in the usual Big Brother seasons, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. It’s worth remembering that the people voting in these polls won’t be the same as the people in the normal broadcast, as these will only be feed watchers, so no casual viewers.

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