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Big Brother Over The Top: Week 1 HOH Competition Results

Today’s the first HOH competition of the fall and it’ll also be the first competition of many that’ll be shown to all the live feeders watching at home.


The main selling point of this season is that all competitions will be shown on the live feeds as they happen, which means that today is the first day that we’re going to see what that’s like. While we have seems competitions on the live feeds before, those were typically endurance competitions and this is the first we’re going to see as of the not-so-extravagant competition sets.

The first HOH competition was the fall was called BB Bug. Shane was the first infected, which means that when the alarm sounds, he’ll get to “infect” someone by choosing them and that person can no longer be in the running for HOH. The last houseguest to not be infected becomes the new HOH. The competition will be ongoing for the next 24 hours, giving the houseguests time to strategize about how they want to take out.


Big Brother Over The Top: Week 1 Live HOH Competition Results –

  • Shane was the first infected
  • Shane infected Danielle
  • Danielle infected Justin
  • Justin infected Shelby
  • Shelby infected Scott
  • Scott infected Neeley
  • Neeley infected Kryssie
  • Kryssie infected Morgan
  • Morgan infected Cornbread
  • Cornbread infected Jason
  • Jason infected Whitney
  • Whitney infected Alex
  • Money becomes the new HOH!

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