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Big Brother Over The Top: Sister Twist Revealed

The reveal of the new houseguests earlier this morning also revealed one of the twists of the new season, not a twist that has never been done before, but a twist nonetheless.


Alex and Morgan Willett, are two sisters from Texas. Alex, he one with the baseball cap, is the oldest at 25. Morgan is 22. They’re the third set of sisters to be on Big Brother, with the first being on Big Brother 5 and the second being on Big Brother 17. However, unlike those first two, they’re not twins.

They’ve revealed in a Hollywood Reporter interview that they know their sibling is going to be in the game with them. Alex said that they don’t want to tell anyone that their siblings, but said that if they’re confronted about it day one, they’re just going to own it and hope that their strong social game saves them. Alex did say that while she doesn’t think they look alike, she said that they have some of the same mannerisms that the other houseguests might catch up on.

Alex is a superfan who has been watching the live feeds of previous seasons while Morgan has just been watching the episodes of previous seasons like most casual Big Brother fans. According to their bios, their personalities seem very different too. Alex says that she’s the type of person to do everything behinds the scenes instead of being confrontational while Morgan says that she’s very sassy and the type of person to speak her mind, so it’s possible we might seem their two strategies conflicting with the others’.

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