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Big Brother Over The Top: No Plans For A Second Season This Fall

CBS announced a new CBS All Access Exclusive season of Big Brother a little less than a year ago. While many of the fans who watched it did enjoy it, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a second season this year.

Big Brother Over The Top for those of you who didn’t watch it was a season of Big Brother that was exclusive only to CBS’ streaming service. Everything was shown on the live feeds, from ceremonies to competitions to Diary Room sessions. They did have recap episodes that you could watch, but they were much longer than your standard episodes of the normal Big Brother, hence why there was only one a week.

We got confirmation this week from the President and COO of CBS Interactive that while they are “looking at what to do next” for the show, they don’t have any plans for another season of Big Brother Over The Top this fall. Marc DeBevoise, the CBS Interactive President, admitted that the timing of putting the new season on right after the finale of the original show wasn’t too easy on the producers. We could see a new season of the show sometime next year or it might be axed before that can happen. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’d like to thank BBFeedsFairy for linking me the article on Deadline.

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