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Big Brother Over The Top: New Details About The ‘Safety Ceremony’

We’re less than 5 days away from the new season of Big Brother, which means that we’re going to be learning more and more information about the new season to come, which is exactly what happened last night.


When more details about Big Brother Over The Top were released on the finale night of Big Brother 18, there was a new ceremony on the weekly schedule called the “Safety Ceremony” that nobody had heard of and had no idea what it was about since there was also a veto ceremony on that schedule, but now we have an idea as to what it is.

In order to heighten the tension leading up to nominations, the safety ceremonies will reveal a currently unknown amount of houseguests that are safe for the week. The HOH will likely get to choose which houseguests he or she wants to know is safe for the week, followed by live nominations the next afternoon. This will give the houseguests that weren’t granted safety time to brew on the possibility of going up for about 15 hours.

It’s unclear exactly how this would work and how many people would be told that they’re safe for the week, but depending on the amount that aren’t told, it’s possible that this extra time could be used to try to convince the HOH to not nominate them the next day. This paragraph here is just speculation, but here’s the exact quote from the affiliate email –

Live on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 PM, ET/7:00 PM, PT, the HOH will reveal the houseguests who are safe for that week, culminating in the live reveal of the nominations on Sunday evenings.


Update: Some are speculating that it could be America who decides those that are safe for the week. While this is possible, my assumptions were based on the official wording being that the HOH would reveal which are safe and which aren’t.

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