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Big Brother Over The Top: Move-In & Premiere Recap

We’ve finally made it to the premiere night of the new Big Brother online-only season! The 65 day season is kicked off tonight during a live 2 and a half house premiere.


For the first time ever, the houseguests will be moving in live on the live feeds for everyone at home to watch their initial reactions and first day alliances be created. In every previous season, the houseguests were typically in the house for a week before the actual premiere episode, but not this season. There will be almost no blackouts and we’ll get to see everything!

After the intro packages were played, the move-in started. Scott was the first to get to enter the house, followed then by Morgan, Shane, Neely, Shelby, Michael, Kryssie, Whitney, followed by Justin. Morgan’s sister Alex was the 10th to enter. The two sisters hugged and pretended to meet each other for the first time. Monte was the 11th to enter the house, with Danielle being the last new houseguests to enter.

That left the winner of the fan vote poll between Jason or Jozea to be the 13th and final houseguest to join everyone else. Jason won the poll, meaning that he’s final houseguest to enter. Once Jason entered and he was done touring the newly redesigned house, the Big Brother Over The Top houseguests met in the living room to pop champagne and formally introduce each other.

Alex and Morgan told the houseguests that the were both from Texas, Alex said that she’s from Dallas while Morgan said that she’s from a small town. Another lie was that Neely said that she’s 28 instead of her actual age of 33 and Shelby said that she’s a waitress instead of revealing that she’s actually a lawyer.

After about a half hour of getting to know each other, Julie came on the screen with a prerecorded message. She told the houseguests about there being no jury, that America will be choosing the winner, and how America will be impacting the game in other ways. She said that since everything is live, the competitions and ceremonies will be different, but didn’t elaborate. The ended the message by telling the houseguests that the first HOH competition of the fall will be tomorrow afternoon.

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