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Big Brother Over The Top: Everything You Need To Know

Now that Big Brother 18 has come to a close, the new Big Brother fall edition will be starting in just a week times, so we’re here to break down all the details for you.


Big Brother: Over The Top is the name of the new CBS All Access exclusive season that is premiering on September 28th. The houseguests will be introduced just two days prior on September 26th. Those are just the keys dates that you need to be aware of, so now we can get into the actually interesting details!

Instead of the usual 14 week season, the fall edition will only be 10 weeks, a shorter version of the regular broadcast version. Because it’ll be shorter and it’ll be online-only, the grand prize is half what it usually is, leaving the winner of Big Brother: Over The Top with $250,000.

Since they’re not going to have the budget of the normal broadcast TV show, the competitions won’t be as large, but they’ll still be good, nonetheless. Since they won’t have to hoard the footage for a broadcast episode, all the competitions will be streamed on the feeds live for us to watch as they happen, letting us know all the results instantly.


If you don’t have a CBS All Access membership to watch Big Brother: Over The Top, you can try it out for a week for FREE with a 7 day trial by signing up here.


The season most shocking thing is that CBS All Access subscribers get to vote for a former houseguest to return to the house. The two options are either Jason from Big Brother 17 or Jozea from Big Brother 18. Whichever former houseguest receives the most votes will be the final official BBOTT houseguest! Vote here!

Now it’s time for THE most shocking twist of the summer; There will be no jury. The viewers will be the one who decides the winner at the end of the season. While some dislike this idea, it’s worth remembering that it won’t be the same people voting that normally does during the regular broadcast season. This will only be live feeds watchers, so no casual viewers basing their vote off of certain TV edits.


Big Brother: Over The Top Weekly Schedule –

  • Sunday, 10PM EST: Final Weekly Safety Ceremony / Nomination Reveal
  • Monday, 4PM EST: Veto Competition
  • Monday, 10PM EST: Weekday Replay
  • Tuesday, 4PM EST: Veto Meeting
  • Tuesday 10PM EST: Weekday Replay
  • Tuesday 10:30PM EST: Live Diary Room Sessions
  • Wednesday 10PM EST: Weekly Full Episode
  • Wednesday 11PM EST: Live Eviction
  • Wednesday 12AM EST: HOH Competition
  • Thursday, TBD: Julie hosts a live Q&A with the houseguests
  • Thursday, TBD: Julie interviews the evicted houseguest
  • Thursday, 10PM EST: Weekday Replay
  • Friday, 10PM EST: Weekday Replay
  • Friday, 10:30PM EST: Live Diary Room Sessions
  • Saturday, 4PM EST: Have-Not Reveal
  • Saturday, 10PM EST: Safety Ceremony


It’s unclear what the “safety ceremony” is yet, but it’s sure to be described to us either before the season kicks off on September 28th or on premiere night when Julie introduces all the houseguests and some of the new rules of the season.

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