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‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Details Released!

With less than a month to go with Big Brother 18, we’re learning more and more information about the new fall edition of the show that’ll be exclusively on CBS All Access!

We have all sorts of big news about the new fall edition of the show! The first and biggest news is that the newly titled “Big Brother: Over The Top” will premiere September 28th at 10PM EST, which is just one week after the finale of Big Brother 18.

There will be a weekly live eviction episode that’ll be streamed using CBS All Access. The first hint at a new twist is the promise that fans are home will have more power than ever before the influence the game through a frequent ‘votes’ that’ll be held. The weekly episodes will be on Wednesdays at 10PM EST.

In the new information that was released, we were also promised no scheduled blackouts on the live feeds, which means that we’ll get to see every competition played out as it happens without having to wait for the feeds to return like we’ve grown so used to over the decade and a half.

There will be diary room sessions that all CBS All Access subscribers will be able to access and ‘download’. We don’t know what they quite mean by download yet, but there will sure be more information on that as we grow closer to the version of the show.

The few important parts of the show that we don’t quite know yet are what exactly type competitions there will be, as it has been said by executive producers in the past that they’re not going to be as big in scale. We also don’t quite know how much the prize money is going to be, assuming that it’s not going to be the same $500,000 since the season won’t be as long and won’t have the same budget as the main broadcast version. We’ll keep you all updated as more and more information is released!


Update: We now know that the prize money will be $250,000.

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