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Big Brother Over The Top: Day 3 Recap


It’s day three of the new season and things are already heating up, with plenty of game talk being discussed as well as the first HOH of the fall being crowned today. We’ll have plenty of talks that involve deal making, as well as who the first targets should be. We’re already seeing some dissenting alliance members, which should make for some good feeds.


8:45 AM BBT: Shane told Cornbread that Scott is probably just pretending to be in with the other group too, but said that they just won’t continue to tell Scott everything like they had been previously. Shane added that nobody will even know about their four person alliance with Monte and Scott.

10:20 AM BBT: Shane asked Scott if he was getting any good information from Jason. Scott told him that Jason wants to keep Shane, Monte, Danielle.

11:40 AM BBT: Jason told Shelby that he might have to infect Whitney with the hopes that Alex will be HOH. Jason added that he can’t infect Monte because he pretty much told the guy that he wanted him to be become HOH. Jason and Shelby agreed that if Whitney were to become HOH, she’d let the guys run it, so they said that Monte being HOH is the same end result as a Whitney HOH.

12:05 PM BBT: Alex asked Monte if they’re wanting to vote out Kryssie or Jason. Monte said that they’d talk about it, that he’d want to vote out Justin since he’s a floater, but said that at least Justin can cook.

12:40 PM BBT: With Whitney being the one who decides the new HOH, her and Alex discussed what they should do. Alex told her that she could make a deal with Monte in exchange for letting him be the first HOH.

12:50 PM BBT: Monte told Whitney that Jason said that he was safe with him, but Jason said that he doesn’t believe that. Whtiney said that Jason wants Monte on his side because he Jason doesn’t have anyone else. Whitney changed her mind mid-conversation, telling Monte that it’s obvious that Jason is targeting the two of them. Monte agreed, saying that Jason knows how to play the game. Monte then promised Whitney that he wouldn’t put her or Alex up if she were to give him the HOH.

1:00 PM BBT: Monte is the first HOH! Full details here

1:10 PM BBT: Monte told Shane and Whitney that he has it down to about four people who he’s deciding on nominating and said that he’s going to have to call everyone up individually to talk to them. Monte also told Whitney that he’s going to have her back for a while since she gave this HOH to him.

2:05 PM BBT: Julie told them that there won’t be a nomination ceremony, but that there will be two safety ceremonies where a number of houseguests are declared safe from eviction, with the last two houseguests who weren’t given safety being the nominees.

2:10 PM BBT: Cornbread told Jason that they’re outnumbered by the girls, so he said that is why he gave Jason the virus, stating that the girls could work together to get him out.

2:30 PM BBT: Whitney told Alex that she walked into the bedroom and caught Monte and Shane talking. Alex said that Shane is Monte’s ride or die and said that Monte is going to use this HOH to make deals with everyone. Alex added that for this week she thinks that they’re fine, but said she doesn’t know if they’re going to be able to trust Monte in the long term. Whitney said that she’s more worried about Shane than she is Monte, stating that she thinks Shane might just be using them. Alex agreed, stating that she wants to work with Monte and Shane for as long as she can, but acknowledged that Shane is a wild card. Alex and Whitney agreed that they trust Monte more than Shane.

Alex told Whitney that Cornbread is another wildcard. Whitney agreed, stating that she’s scared of him and that she wouldn’t doubt that he’s going to make big moves. Alex said that she doesn’t trust him, but will pretend to. Alex added that she thinks that Cornbread is going go try to make a deal with Jason and then keep Jason safe. Whitney said that she doesn’t think that Shane actually wants to work with them. Alex agreed, saying that Shane has likely made a deal with everyone in the house. Alex added that Shane is someone that they’re going to have to use to get through the first couple weeks, then blindside him. Alex and Whitney pinky promised to have each other’s back.

3:05 PM BBT: Morgan told Shelby that she thinks that Monte will target Jason, but said that she doesn’t know. Shelby agreed, stating that if he didn’t target Jason, that would leave Jason in the house to be an easy target in one of the coming weeks. Morgan said that the three people she’s going to watch out for is Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle. Morgan and Shelby agreed that Monte and Shane are going to have each other’s back no matter what since they’re wanting to do the whole “boy” thing. Shelby brought up Jason again, saying that Jason is a huge target right now, which is why she said that if she were Monte, she’d leave him in the house. Morgan agreed, stating that if somebody needed someone to send home in a later week, it could easily be Jason.

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