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Big Brother Over The Top: Day 2 Recap


It’s the second day of the new fall season, which means that it’s also the day of the first HOH competition of the fall. While it won’t be today that the new HOH is crowned, the process is at least started and strategies as to how the houseguests want to go about it will be discussed. We’re also seeing more alliances testing the waters as it’s not just Cornbread, Monte, Scott, and Shane with the only alliance anymore.


8:00 AM BBT: While alone, Jason told the viewers at home that he doesn’t plan to tell the others that he was voted to enter the house over another former houseguest.

1:00 PM BBT: The HOH competition began. Full details here.

1:50 PM BBT: Jason and Monte talked about how this HOH will force people to show their cards since they’ll have to choose which houseguest they don’t want to become HOH. Jason said that he fears being targeted for being a veteran and said that he doesn’t want to win this HOH, but that he may have to.

2:10 PM BBT: Alex and Morgan, the sisters, agree that they should ensure that Danielle can’t become the HOH since they believe that she’s working with the guys. They went on to agree that they shouldn’t let Kryssie get it either, stating that she too would nominate girls.

2:15 PM BBT: Shane told Monte that he wants to make sure that Kryssie can’t become HOH right away. Monte and Shane both agreed to have each other’s backs moving forward. Monte told him that he believes that if a girl did happen to win HOH, that they’d target Justin and Scott, not the two of them.

5:40 PM BBT: Alex told Whitney that she thinks that something isn’t right with Shane and that Shane might be safe for being the first one to drink the potion. She added that Shane is just too calm. Alex said that she’s scared to go after Jason since he’s a firecracker, but said that she’s going to go after him or Neeley if she wins HOH because she said that she just has to. Whitney said that she’d be afraid to go after Neeley for the same reason that Alex is afraid to go after Jason. The two girls agreed that they wouldn’t mind working with Cornbread, Justin, Monte, and Danielle, but both said that they think Danielle is following Jason and Justin around.

5:50 PM BBT: Monte told Cornbread that them two, Shane, and Scott aren’t anything official yet, but said that they’re looking out for each other. Cornbread told him that if he wins HOH, he’s been thinking about putting Shelby up. Monte said that he wants to target Jason because he thinks that Jason is dangerous.

6:00 PM BBT: Alex told Morgan that if she gets the bug thing, she needs to make sure that the three people outside are the ones that can’t become HOH. Alex told her sister that she needs to get close to Monte. Morgan said that was already her plan because she said that Monte is someone that they could trust. Alex told her that they need to get HOH so that they can target Jason and Neeley.

6:05 PM BBT: Alex and Whitney told Monte about their suspicions about Shane actually being safe for the week for drinking the potion first. Monte told them that he doesn’t think that they have anything to worry about when it comes to Shane because he said that Shane is cool. Whitney asked Shane who he’s worried about, to which Monte said Jason because he’s been in the house before and said that he doesn’t trust them. Morgan said that she was thinking the same thing and said that Jason is dangerous. Alex and Whitney went on to tell Monte that they also think that Kryssie and Neeley are dangerous.

7:20 PM BBT: Monte told Shane that Alex asked about him, but said that he had Shane’s back. Monte told him that he thinks Alex and Whitney are good and that he thinks those two can help their games.

8:20 PM BBT: Monte told Alex and Shane that he doesn’t trust Jason, Kryssie, or Neeley. Monte added that Jason is a nice guy, but said that he’s been in the house before, which makes him a threat. Alex said that she thinks that Kryssie is more of a threat right now than both Jason and Neeley, to which Monte agreed. Alex added that she believes that America will respect whoever has the balls to put up Jason. Monte said that he’s going to try to get HOH, so he said that he just needs to know that they have his back because he might go after Jason.

Whitney joined them in the lounge. Alex told her that they can’t let Jason get HOH and said that they need to infect him next. In parting, Alex said that she’s nervous about Danielle since she seems to follow Jason and Justin.

8:30 PM BBT: Monte and Shane told Scott that their four person alliance just needs to lay low this week and they’ll be good.

8:35 PM BBT: Shane told Cornbread that they just need to relax this week and they’ll be good, telling Cornbread about their talk with Alex and Whitney, saying that those two aren’t going to put them up either. Cornbread said that Shelby is already starting to show that she doesn’t trust them, to which Shane said that it doesn’t matter since they have the votes. Shane added that the big three targets right now are Kryssie, Neeley, and Jason.

8:45 PM BBT: Shane and Whitney discussed who they should tell about their plans on who they’re going to target since they know others want those same people out. They both agreed not to tell Morgan, Shelby, or Danielle. Shane said that he’s not afraid of Jason and that he rather get Kryssie out before Neeley. Whitney agreed.

9:30 PM BBT: Jason told Scott that Cornbread is the only person that he hasn’t connected with and said that he thinks that Cornbread might nominate him if he were to get HOH.

9:45 PM BBT: Shelby said that she doesn’t think that anyone is going to infect Cornbread. Jason agreed, stating that he thinks that it’ll come down to him and Cornbread as the last two people eligible for HOH. Jason went on to say that he sees where this is going, stating that it’ll come down to him and Cornbread as the last to not be infected, Cornbread will get HOH, then he’s the one who ends up evicted.

11:05 PM BBT: Morgan told Monte that if for some reason that Jason didn’t end up going home after she gave him the BB Bug, she would then have a huge target on her back. Morgan added that she doesn’t think that Whitney would hold a grudge if she were to use it on her. Monte said that it’s a tough decision and that he can’t tell her what to do.

11:10 PM BBT: Jason told Shelby that he’s not going to fight the alpha males this year, that instead he’s going to use them and let them be the bigger threats. Jason added that if he got power this week, he could convince Shane and Monte that they’d have to roll with him. Shelby said that she doesn’t feel like she is clicking with anyone in the house. Jason agreed, saying that he doesn’t have a best friend and that the only way he’ll get in a good majority alliance this year is if he is the first to win the power.

11:15 PM BBT: Kryssie asked Jason if he’s wanting the HOH. Jason said that he does, telling her that he feels like he’s nobody’s best friend, so he wouldn’t have anyone protecting him. Jason explained that if he was a newbie and there was a veteran in the house, even he’d be like “He’s already gotten his chance”. Jason said that he’d end up going home second, meaning that he had given up his job a second time just to lose. Kryssie said that isn’t going to happen because he deserves to be there.

11:20 PM BBT: Monte told Alex and Morgan that Jason is going to come after him, stating that he can already tell. Monte added that it would either be him or Shane that Jason decided to come after. Cornbread told Morgan to just give the BB Bug to him, then he’d be the one to give it to Jason so that it wouldn’t be Morgan who had the target on her back. Morgan agreed.

11:30 PM BBT: Cornbread told Shane that they have to protect him if he gets blood on his hands by using the BB Bug on Jason, stating that Jason just needs to be on the block.

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