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Big Brother Over The Top: “America’s Vote” To Affect Nominations & Evictions

It’s been teased that viewers will get to change the game unlike ever before by voting in polls, well now we have somewhat of an idea as to what we’d be voting on.


We found out that it would be the viewers deciding the winner instead of a jury like past seasons, but what we didn’t know is just how much we could be affecting what goes on in the house on a regular basis. Previously, America’s Vote was always something that seemed like an addition to the week instead of changing something as important as nominations and evictions, but this year might be different.

According to a promotional email, America’s Vote will be affecting nominations, evictions, and new twists that are introduced throughout the season. Other than that, we know nothing else. We don’t know how we’ll be affecting the nominations or how evictions would work. It’s possible that we might get to cast a single vote to evict, but have no idea as to how America’s Vote could affect the nominations. Here’s the exact wording from the email –

America’s Vote – Fans will have the opportunity to impact the game like never before and affect nominations, evictions and game-changing twists. More details will be revealed during the premiere of BIG BROTHER: OVER THE TOP on CBS All Access.

As stated above, we won’t know anything until the premiere tomorrow night. What do you think it is? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to get your free week of access to Big Brother Over The Top by signing up here.


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