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Big Brother Executive Producers Dish On Fall Season Details

The new fall season that is coming exclusively to CBS All Access will be the first of it’s kind for Big Brother. They’ve been airing strictly in the summer all 18 seasons except just one other time during BB9. That being said, we now have some new details about Big Brother: Digital Edition!

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The news coming out today about the new edition of the show is very exciting because it looks like things are going to be pretty different compared to the usual summer broadcasts that we’ve grown so used to seeing over the years. From Julie’s hosting job to how the competitions will work, a lot of things will be changing.

The first order of business is Julie Chen herself. While she will be the main host of the house, the format is said to be a little different this year, meaning that her role will also be a little different compared to how she hosts the summer broadcast. Here’s the direct quote;

“The show’s a little different, so the role isn’t exactly the same,” says DeBevoise. “But she will have her lead role in the show … she’s going to be the main person.”

When asked about the possibility about returning houseguests being apart of the fall version of the show, Allison Grodner said that they haven’t gotten that far along in the process yet, but did say that there are certain Big Brother legends that they’d like to save to possibly return in the normal summer broadcast. Here’s the direct quote;

“We’re in the thick of re-imagining [the show], so we haven’t gotten to the point of ‘should we bring back people yet?’” says Meehan, as his co-executive producer Allison Grodner adds, “It could happen, you never know … [but] there’s some legends that maybe you save for summer ‘Big Brother’ in the future, seeing as we just got picked up for two more [seasons].”

When questioned about what they meant by “re-imagining the show”, that is when we learned that the format will be changing, and for the better. The competitions will not be as big in scale, but but since they’re not constrained to an hour slot on TV, the feeds will never go down and no competition will ever be missed. Here’s the direct quotes;

“They’re working on what the format is going to be, so it’s not going to be exactly how summer is, it’s going to be the digital edition,” says CBS president Glenn Gellar.

“You have to have some catch up [for people who don’t watch the feeds],” Grodner explains. “[But] the feeds are now primary. It’s a whole new way of looking at it. We’re really looking forward to it ’cause it really isn’t being done anywhere. It’s a bold experiment by CBS and it’s the perfect show to do it with.”

They went on to say that the feeds now during the regular summer show are taken down often because of various things such as competitions and ceremonies, but now that won’t be happening anymore. Here’s the direct quote;

“I think that with a lot of the feeds now, there’s a lot of long blocks [when they’re down] for our competitions, you see a lot of people asleep — there will be a reason for people to be awake, how about that?” teases Grodner.


It sounds like the Digital Edition of the show is going to be very exciting to watch and things are only made better by the fact that we won’t have to wait for competitions to be played anymore, we’ll just get to see them all live as they’re happening! These interviews questions were all courtesy of Zap2It, so huge thanks to them! We’ll be covering this version of the show as well all fall long, so make sure to stay tuned as more details are released!

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