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Big Brother 19 Zingbot Zings

Zingbot to Mark: Mark, I think you might be bye-sexual.. because every time you try to get sexual with Elena she says “Bye!” Zing!


Zingbot to Jason: Alex, I see you’ve been forced to carry a ton of dead weight… or as I like to call it… Jason! Zing!


Zingbot to Raven: Poor Raven. You got the Clownitard. This is the worst punishment ever. Oh wait… That’s just your face! Zing!


Zingbot to Josh: Josh, my heart goes out to you. You’ve shed so many tears this summer.. too bad you can’t shed any… weight! Zing!


Zingbot to Paul: Last season you taught me so much. Like how to have friendship, how to be pissed, and how to lose… half a million dollars! Zing!


Zingbot to Matt: Congrats on making it so far in the game. Especially since the only thing you have done is… Raven! Zing!


Zingbot to Kevin: Kevin, I hear you like to use saran wrap to preserve your youth. News flash… too freaking late! Zing!


Zingbot to Alex: Alex, What do you call someone with bleached blonde hair, likes to wear cat ears, and handles lots of wieners? A whore (presumably)! Zing!


Zingbot to Christmas: You have such a good heart. I can guarantee that you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find ♬ten shattered bones, nine weeks in a cast, eight surgeries, seven more x-rays, six years of rehab, five titanium screws, four hospitals, three pain pills, two crutches, and a guilty rodeo clown!♬

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