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Big Brother 19: Will Jessica Use The Halting Hex?

While going into the week it might have seemed like an obvious decision, but after several fights between Cody and Jessica, the possibility of her not using the Halting Hex was actually possible.

Once Paul nominated Jessica and Cody for eviction, it seemed like a sure thing the Halting Hex would have to be used this week. However, following the nominations, Jessica and Cody got into a huge fight that left her questioning whether she should use it to save Cody or make a deal with Paul to guarantee her safety for two weeks and for Alex to be the next targeted.

Though these feelings didn’t last long, as it only took 5-10 hours after each fight for Cody and Jessica to get back on good terms. While Jessica actually did keep the 2 weeks of safety and Alex being the target deal from Cody for a while, it eventually got out after she told Paul that she was going to use the Hex, which ended with Paul rallying the house against Jessica and Cody, taunting and yelling at them for several hours.

Jessica does plan on using the Halting Hex tonight, which will cancel the eviction and the houseguests will go straight to the new Head of Household competition. Despite Jessica telling Paul exactly how the temptation works, he is convinced that Jessica will only be able to save one of the two nominees, so we might have a partial blindside tonight when Paul finds out he won’t be able to evict Cody like he had thought he would.

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