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Big Brother 19: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Plans

Today’s veto ceremony will set the nominations in stone and has the potential to set off the first bit of real drama that we’ve had in the last couple weeks.

After Jason won the Head of Household, he nominated Matt and Raven under the guise of Kevin being the target. Jason had told Raven that he’d use the veto on her, which he actually did plan to do, but the plan ended up changing after Jason had a talk with Kevin, which means that she’s likely to be blindsided at today’s veto meeting.

Jason plans on not using the veto, instead choosing to keep the nominations the same and ensure that either Matt or Raven go home. Raven has been promising to put on a show if the veto wasn’t used, so she could potentially go off on Jason. Because Jason’s alliance wanted him to use the veto on Raven so that Kevin could be put up, Jason agreed to take all the heat in the event that he didn’t use the veto.

Alex, Christmas, Josh, and Paul all have plans to pretend to be shocked after the veto meeting to make Matt and Raven think that they weren’t in on the plan to get one of them out this week. Whether Raven actually freaks out like she has said she would multiple times is something we’ll just have to wait and see.

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